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Win Customers. Secure Funding. Engage With The Best Of The Best.

Access is the name of the game. We make it easy for Global Innovators to get direct access to the best of the best from the NY tech ecosystem. Introducing Global Innovator.


With the number of technology accelerators outside the U.S. reaching over 300, international startups being acquired by large US companies on a monthly basis, and nations increasing resources in technology and entrepreneurship, GLOBAL INNOVATION IS AT ITS PEAK.

Yet, the NY venture community is still behind when it comes to tapping into the most exciting startups from outside of the US.

Who is mining the untapped (and far less expensive) investment opportunities overseas? And how does a game-changing, yet unknown, venture from abroad get on the radar of US investors to secure funding and expand globally? These are the questions that have yet be addressed – until now…

Introducing Global Innovator, an event series bringing the best of all worlds to the heart of New York City. For each event, we’ll be selecting 5 startups representing the best of global innovation and provide them with the mentorship and access they need in order to become more relevant in NY, quicker!

Our event is a true pitch event, focused completely on global startups pitching top tier venture partners who’ll be judging them and providing our entrepreneurs with relevant feedback so they can grow.

In addition, there will be exclusive networking opportunities bringing together the entire ecosystem – global innovators, active investors, relevant partners and the who’s who of the NY tech and venture scene.

As always, we’ll end our event with a post-event cocktail reception so you can mingle with the best of the best.

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